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Words from Chris

        Life has a number of undeniable truth's. Arguably one of the single most obvious is... indeed we have been, and individually are only here for a very very short period of time. Yes people's on the grandiose scale of time and the space we humans have been aboard this vessel called Earth, we are here, simply put for a "blink of an eye". We occupy an oh so small moment of this never ending commodity ... called time.
        Photography, from it's invention, immediately became a tool in which we might be able to document our attendance, travels, triumphs and falls in yet again... "exponentially" smaller fractions of the time and space we occupied at any particular moment. Smiling as I ponder a vague sort of organic comparison this invention "the camera" , "captures light"... It has long been argued, that if one could travel at the speed of light, one would actually be able to travel backward in time. Ironically... photographically capturing the light in our lives, does indeed allow us to visually travel back in time and recall where we have been...   Additionally... and how cool is this... This amazing tool of time and space, allows one to "tinker" "Not" with the light traveling toward it... but "tinker" with the amount of light one has "chosen" to let inside.......   This ability to choose and manipulate the vision before like perhaps time itself, is, simply endless. We all see things in different light at different times, we all have visions, some have the ability to see, while others choose not to see the same light... "Random human thoughts and visions" what a concept....? If a tree falls in the forest, and "know" one is there to hear it ... does it make a sound ? In the most selfish of definitions, is the same beauty seen by ourselves, seen in the same light by others ? We all go through life making choices... choosing to see and view things how we want and or, in our own light. We form our own opinion's based on our own experiences and the end results are simply memories and visions of points in time, space and our life...
The old saying... "hey get a hobby"... yeah you guessed it... Photography has been one of mine since i was 13 or so...
My photography and the resulting imagery I create, is simply the culmination of the light I have chosen to see... Indeed my artwork,... these images are my light...Using this "craft" throughout my life"time" I have captured lots of different light... beauty in humans at their worst, inspiration in people at their best, rainbows in storm clouds, and company in solitude. Hopefully one can find beauty in all of them, some may find them disturbing, some may not find any light in them of interest what so ever... For the latter never being a motivation for their creation.... With the click of a shutter, as the blink of an eye we are here... those moments before us and the time we spent here are forever gone... Having been published in books and magazines all over the world... perhaps, a few of my works... may indeed stand the test of a time way past my own...
        I moved from the Detroit area to Central Florida, Nov 2016 , Just outside of Orlando, Eustis, Mt. Dora area ..... Servicing all of Central Florida from Tampa, Clearwater etc, to Orlando, Daytona, Space Coast and Beyond... Now Booking Weddings for 2021,   Yes I specialize in weddings, however I regularly book shoots for Families, Seniors, Real Estate, Pinup, Documentary,  or just about any other thing you might need.    Contact me with your photographic needs and check dates for you.   Lets create something cool !




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